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Truth Behind Betting Patterns

Analysts have revealed that there is no certain specific pattern in online slots, online craps and online baccarat. If you have been looking out for a pattern then you are following the general human psychology. Human beings tend to find out patterns in online casino games because they 'want' to do so.

As a matter of fact, games like online craps are just void of all pattern theories. You ask us why? The answer is very simple because of the involvement of human beings. First of all the shooter has to decide if he wants to place a bet or not. So there won't be any pattern if he has been placing bets in a row and now he has suddenly stopped.

Also, in online craps, you throw dice with your own hands. So a machine like movement is just out of question. As far as dice combinations are concerned, that's an issue in its own category. So keep your head in place and just stick to simple strategies and practice sessions in online casinos.